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About Canyon Meadows Ranch Natural Beef:

We offer top quality Verified Natural Grass Fed beef.

Our beef is grass fed from start to finish. Our beef animals graze on our pastures and never receive any grains.

Canyon Meadows beef is a Utah product - all of our cows and calves are born and raised on our ranch.

Our beef is Source, Age, Natural and Grass Fed Verified by IMI Global, Inc., a USDA process verified company. Our beef meets the USDA's NeverEver3 Guidelines:
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We also have a GAP 4 certification.

Our beef is Dry Aged and USDA Inspected. We use local, family owned & operated processing facilities.

Canyon Meadows Beef is a healthy choice:

~ Grassfed beef is lower in fat and calories. Grassfed beef lowers "bad" cholesterol levels. It has vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C and health-promoting omega-3 fatty acids as well as another "good" fat - conjugated linoleic acid.

Grassfed references Mercola Food Facts

~ Our beef has minimal processing with no additives

~ Jerky made from our Grass Fed Beef has no MSG and no Added Nitrites